OPPO Commercial

Just Out: OPPO ‘s “Bring Creativity to the Reality” documentary commercial film.  OPPO chose five artists to highlight in their “Bring Creativity to the Reality” campaign. Each artist expresses themself through a different medium; I choreographed  for the film and play myself—an emerging choreographer developing his art.

Director Li Jingbo

Producer Lisa Yi

Here’s an article I wrote for the piece that was published in a Chinese magazine:

Ever since I was a little boy, movement has always been my preferred means of communication. The first time I saw a live dance performance on stage I remember having to sit on my hands. The energy pulsing through my body was too much for me to keep still. The visceral energy of the dancers moving through space left me exhilarated and inspired. My hope with my art is to ignite in others the same feeling that rushed my heart that day: passion. Passion drives our lives and impacts our choices; it’s universal and contagious. The more I see others unapologetically pursuing their dreams, the more stamina I have to fight for mine.

The pursuit of passion is the theme of the piece I created for Oppo. It is parallel to my life as an emerging choreographer in New York City. At times it can be a struggle; finding support for art and opportunities to share with larger audiences can be a challenge. But it is a challenge I am willing to meet because I believe in the power of dance to tell stories. Dance is like poetry without words; it tells stories in abstract ways using imagery and aesthetic. What better way to tell a story about a person following their passion at all costs? Passion is hard to communicate using words because it’s more than thoughts and emotions; it’s an energy that is intangible and ineffable. It’s constantly moving and so am I. I’m constantly in motion pursuing my dreams. I can’t give up. My passion won’t let me.

Tony Bordonaro is a choreographer, director, and performer living in New York City. To learn more and support his work visit TonyBordonaro.com and @tonybordonaro3 on Instagram!